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The 12th Man Football Experience

The 12th Man Football Camp will introduce each participant to the basics and fundamentals of each aspect of the game. The participants will learn from football coaches and their assistants who have desire to help run this program.


Each participant will learn the football positions by rotating through learning stations where instruction will be geared to each participants need or disability.  This is a non contact camp but actual football equipment such as cones, blocking pads and various footballs are used so the participants learn just like the pros.


Volunteers will be assigned to each participant to assist with their participation throughout the camp. This is a hands-on learning experience so no matter what the need may be, each participant will have the opportunity to learn as each coach will teach according to the children’s needs.


  • Throw and catch a football.          

  • Use actual blocking pads that the pros use.

  • Learn to kick a football.  

  • Learn each position on offense & defense.

(305) 970-6077

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